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Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Being a student during a pandemic has been tough. In September 2020 I started a marketing degree hoping that the worst of the pandemic was over. Unfortunately, I was wrong, and I had to deal with the stresses of online classes and lockdowns. However, my love for the subject I study has kept me positive throughout it all. I developed a passion for social media and marketing during my studies at college, and since then my love for the subject grew.

I’ve always loved photography, art design and fashion, and I quickly decided I wanted to study a degree that could get into those industries but also give me technical skills and knowledge of the business world. I was inspired to study marketing after seeing the progression social media has had in my lifetime- the way social media progressed from a way to share pictures occasionally to a thing most people use everyday to socialise, shop, learn and share their lives. The concepts marketing teams create and how this can transform a business has always interested me, and this is what initially inspired me to do a business BTEC Diploma at college.

During my two years studying at Manchester Metropolitan University, I’ve gained a wide range of skills related to marketing, finance, and social media design.However, I have not neglected my passion for fashion, music, and art. In the middle of second year, I decided I wanted to do a placement within the fashion industry to develop my knowledge and gain new skills, while getting some experience in the job role I want to do when I graduate in 2023. I decided to look at doing a RISE internship, as they advertise opportunities with a wide range of reputable companies such as THE HOUSE OF RADHA. I was so pleased to be offered a role doing social media and marketing with the company following an interview with the CEO and Creative Director Radha Singh.

Working within the fashion industry with the company has been so much fun and I’ve learnt so much in the time I have been working with the brand. I have met a lovely team of people and been supported in every way by Radha. The company has amazing values which is what makes working for them so enjoyable, knowing the company is having a positive impact on the environment and individuals, which is rare within the fashion industry. During my time with the company, I’ve been given so many opportunities to express myself creatively and gain new skills. I would encourage anyone who has a passion for fashion, music, or art to follow your dreams and begin working towards a future in your chosen industry.

Currently I’m hoping to land a job in social media with a fashion or music company when I graduate. My experience working with THE HOUSE OF RADHA has been so enjoyable and improved my self confidence so much; it has shown me that I can work within the industry I love so much!

Educational Blog written by Sophie Kelly, Undergraduate at MMU

Photo credits and thanks to; Austin Chan, Elio Santos, Gian Cescon and Merakist

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