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Alan McNeilly

Alan is the UK/International Brand Ambassador supporting International Recruitment and Partnerships.  Alan has over 40+ years of experience working in higher education and leading UK and International teams. He has a great deal of cultural insight into different markets, and his teaching experience in fashion business and management will support our vision of creating a global community of learners and educational partners. 

Rosita Bhagwandin

Rosita is the International Brand Ambassador supporting Luxury and Parternships. She has a plethora of experience and expertise as a Leader and businesswoman. She has worked with high-profile clients such as the Royals, Heads of State, Government Officials, and Business Executives to build professional relationships in Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and the rest of the world. She has many awards and accolades and has established two successful global businesses throughout her career. Rosita embraces our values of equality, diversity, and inclusion and is actively involved in women’s empowerment, leadership, and management and will create new collaborations and partnerships internationally.

Tony Gilroy

Tony has over 10 years of experience, working in education, careers and employability. His expertise is driven by wanting to provide a high level of support and learning to students to help them develop their skills and experience.  His support helps learners to follow their path into higher education and industry careers. His academic qualifications include a master’s in Educational Leadership, and he puts the theory behind his post-graduate experience into practice when working with students and learners. Tony has very strong project management skills working with a wide range of teams in the personal and business sectors. He prides himself in providing the best support to young learners so they transition into industry placements, further, higher educational pathways and employment

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