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Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Student life for myself, like many others, had been a mixture of incredible highs but also stressful lows. A majority will agree, studying during a pandemic was something none of us were prepared for. However, through all the doom and gloom, I learnt a lot about the type of student I am and gained insight into how to approach my final year at university. I came to the realisation, as great as getting a degree is, experience is the key to transitioning into the job market post university.

Thankfully, I discovered my passion for social media management and after a lot of searching, I discovered the company THE HOUSE OF RADHA. THOR prioritises students. Entry level experience, placements and employability skills are at their core. The company provides opportunities to students like me, with limited experience in a career area, to gain skills and learning. Working closely with educational institutions, and offering students the necessary skills to build confidence in the working environment they desire.

For myself, THE HOUSE OF RADHA couldn’t have come into my life at a better time. With graduation on the horizon and the fear of what the future holds looming, I was anxious to get a foot in the door. After a smooth and enjoyable application process, I was delighted to receive the opportunity to be a social media and PR assistant within the company.

Working at THOR has been a dream for a multitude of reasons. Not only am I gaining an understanding of what it is like to work within a team; I am learning how to efficiently organise my daily tasks within my working day. I have been given opportunities to venture off the original role I was offered. After working on the social media team, I was offered the opportunity to become a team leader, this allowed me to develop my leadership skills. I was also able to join my manager with the recruitment and selection process of potential applicants. Both things I hadn’t been given the opportunity to do previously.

Finally, I was able to experience the PR side of a business and discovered another area in the marketing field I was unaware of before.

Overall, THOR provides you with an action-packed, productive opportunity. I have definitely enjoyed my time with the brand. I have been given the opportunity to develop personally and professionally and given the freedom to be creative. I have been able to build on existing skills as well as acquire new skills that are applicable in potential professional roles. Sometimes, you just need a company to take a chance on you, and I am delighted that the CEO/Creative Director Radha Singh did.

My final year taught me how to efficiently organise my time through balancing university, internships, and a social life. I learnt how to take a break and not feel guilty about relaxing. I learnt how to make the most out of my days and finally I learnt how to be successful. University has been a positive experience for myself and, even though the future is scary, I have been given all the tools and skills needed to become the best version of myself both professionally and personally.

Christy Heffernan-Horrox, Graduate Student from Manchester Metropolitan University

Special thanks and photo credits to Ian Schneider, Marvin Meyer and Merakist

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