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Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Post written by Avery Sanchez, Glasgow

Creativity from my perspective is a way in which we can be and showcase the importance of our identity. Inspiration can come from all around us and especially from where you live. I ventured out in the City Centre of Glasgow, a city full of Architecture, Fashion, Art and a vibrant nightlife. Glasgow is never a dull place, there’s always something to do and see, from enjoying and socialising in the bars and restaurants, to site seeing around the city and landmarks.

I came across a mural of the world famous Scottish actor Billy Connolly. He is the symbol of Glasgow to so many and is well known for being a comedian and a Hollywood film Actor.

Charles Rennie Mackintosh is also an icon in Scotland, of the 20th century he is famously known for his artistry in interior/furniture/textile design who also had a professional influence on the development of the Modern movement. Charles worked to create totally integrated art/architecture that we all enjoy and continue to embrace today!

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