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Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Kings College, Cambridge

The Open Studios in Cambridge is a wonderful way to see a diverse range of skilled art and mixed media. Every year, for 4 weekends, you can visit a range of public spaces and private homes to admire and purchase the work of local artists. They showcase art such as glasswork, painting, jewellery, print and other mixed media.

Caliston Art by Cheryl Liston

During the day I visited a friend's private exhibition whilst out in Cambridge, the established artist Gurpran Rau, to see a display of her work. The work explored the connection of the human race, searching for that which binds us together in solidarity. The tactile nature of the art was unusual, with touch being encouraged, meaning that everyone who engages with the art contributes their own DNA to the artwork as well as slowly changing the surface of the art over time.

Speaking to the artists one on one gave a unique insight into their design process and inspiration. The experience of the day showed that despite the vast diversity of people and work, there was an interconnectedness of passion and love for art in its various forms.

Art in the Burrow- by Laura Pearson-Clark

The open studios reminded me about the importance of buying from and supporting local businesses. It is a sustainable way to enjoy art and support the local economy. It is great to see these values taken on by brands such as THE HOUSE OF RADHA, in recognising the importance of keeping design processes local. I believe that this is something we must all consider in order to make ethical and sustainable choices.

By Katie Bearcroft, THE HOUSE OF RADHA

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