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Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Until relatively recently, I wasn`t fully aware of the wide effects and impacts of climate change. I naively though that recycling along with using as much public transport as you could, rather than driving, was all there was to living a life that had minimal environmental impact. I soon realised that naturally, everything has an effect in some way, from the food we eat and the clothes we wear.

As my knowledge of climate change, its impacts and effects grew, so did my passion for wanting to be part of a positive change and influence. I began to realise how having sustainability embedded entirely within our society is key to creating a better planet now and for the future, not just for ourselves but for all living things. This isn`t just about creating a more environmentally sustainable planet, but a more socially sustainable one too. Often, we can neglect in taking on the opportunities that developing a more environmentally sustainable planet can have for social aspects. The two go hand in hand and we cannot have one without the other.

Along with my love of fashion and textiles, what draws me to sustainable fashion in particular is the fact that the entire system not only covers the globe but involves numerous different systems within itself. The t shirt you`re wearing may have been made in China but the cotton it`s made from could have been grown in India, though you`ve bought it in the UK. There`s the impacts of the farming processes of the cotton, the impact of the aviation or other travel methods used to transport materials, there`s the impact the factory has in making the material. All of this has an effect, and the nature of the process requires so many different aspects for its success.

What drew me to THE HOUSE OF RADHA was the fact that sustainability is a key part of their ethos, embedded into everything that they do. Unlike other brands, they are entirely committed to producing sustainable fashion, rather than having a particular line that is dedicated to being (or at least appearing to be) sustainable. This was another thing, THE HOUSE OF RADHA does not green wash, it gives all the information in terms of the certifications they have and standards they follow so you know that the actions that are being taken are genuine.

Whilst I find the topic of climate change a rather negative and daunting discussion sometimes, the opportunities that sustainability can bring I find very inspiring. Through developing new ideas and challenging old ways, we are creating new and exciting models and systems that are more inclusive and value more than just money and business. It also has generated a community with a common goal, where people can come together in this shared drive for a better future.

Written by Anna Romachney

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