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Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Blog post written by Ryan Fellman

The COVID pandemic has hit everyone hard, the entertainment industry of all places felt the impact more than most. There was a notable lack of help and funding for artists who were due to tour. Without the platform to perform, many have struggled to really get their name out there. Lockdown life may have hindered a majority of artists, however, musicians are a determined bunch, and would have put the pause on the outside world to good use, using it as an opportunity to create some new tunes for their listeners. THE HOUSE OF RADHA acted upon this and gave some artists the chance to be recognised and get their sound heard over these tough times.


Not being able to see loved ones or venture out to the places that I usually would, such as clubs and music venues got to me. One thing that helped get me through it all was music. I found myself listening to the same music I usually do on repeat, however I just felt I needed a change. Since working at THE HOUSE OF RADHA and seeing how they pride themselves on giving opportunities to artists, I decided to broaden my listening to ‘House Music’. House allows you to zone out and vibe to the uplifting beats without too many lyrics to focus on and just appreciate the beats, rhythm and energy.

I took my new found interest and decided to list my Top 10 House Music Artists to Look Out For!

1. Peggy Gou

An already established artist, Gou describes her work as ‘K-House’ and her top songs are actually sung in Korean. Her sound is very upbeat and just makes you want to groove along, taking inspiration from the disco era. You can catch her playing live at some of the biggest upcoming festivals; Creamfields, Parklife and WHP21.

2. Yung Singh

Singh caught me off guard, combining a unique blend of Punjabi and Garage, a hybrid of sounds which just work. Singh is pushing for a cultural change, something that I believe is perfect for 2021, as we are striving to better ourselves. Clubbers around London will be familiar with him playing at Fabric, XOYO and Egg.

3. Changsie

A DJ hailing from Japan, currently Changsie is mixing tracks consisting of genres ranging from House, Electro and Funk. Changsie has said in various interviews she intends to get to London soon to create her own night. In addition to playing live, she has also stated that she is working on some of her own creations.


The 24 year old Mancunian is carrying on the mantle of Manchester churning out some of the most talented musicians going. If you have a love for 80s dance music, then PADDY is your go to for the new wave of 80s sounding House, with a clear disco influence in his productions.

5. Jerro

An extremely chilled out Belgian who’s relaxed personality is reflective in his music, take his very recent releases Go Back Now and Presence for example, two songs that make you want to just be chilling at the beach. 2020 wasn’t ideal for Jerro who was due to go on tour and he’ll be looking to make up for lost time.

6. Indepth

A DJ and producer from Tel Aviv, Indepth has been on the circuit for years now touring around the globe ranging from Russia all the way to Brazil, name a country and Indepth has most likely played there and post lockdown will be no different. Indepth has a sound for the most hard core of Techno fans with his heavy raw beats pumping throughout his sessions.

7. Naomi

Naomi Nae Ellis is a name that everyone should be keeping an ear out for if you’re into 90s/2000s. A graduate from the school of mixing from experienced and renowned DJ, DJ Lisa Lashes and her Lisa Lashes School of Music. Naomi was clearly inspired by her mentor, she was one of the top students in the class and impressed so much so that Lisa invited her to perform sets with her. Naomi is currently based in the Midlands in England and you can find her performing in and around these areas. This year is shaping up to be Naomi’s year with some studio productions in the works.

8. Young Romantic

With over 46 thousand monthly listens on Spotify and only one track that appears to be released on the music streaming service, it left me confused as to why more songs haven’t been added by the artist. Move (Time to Get Loose) is a funky song that draws on 90s influences. Whilst I’ve only just found the one song, I’m already eagerly awaiting his return.

9. Dan Hayes

A very hardworking DJ from Eastbourne, he streams to a live audience on the second Saturday of every month. Hayes plays your typical Techno and House, he also releases his own music almost as regularly as his live sessions, and you can find previews of his upcoming projects as well as his live sessions on his Facebook page, his latest preview being Turn.

10. Joe Weller

With over 170 thousand monthly listeners on Spotify, Weller’s popularity can’t be denied. House is growing in popularity and it could be partly down to Joe Weller bringing in new ears from his young YouTube audience. Weller is due to be going on tour playing at universities up and down the UK as he gains experience in playing in front of a live audience.

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