Student Testimonials

All our learners come from a diverse background and study at various educational institutions.  They share their personal journey whilst being part of The Creative Industries Employability and Placement Programme through THE HOUSE OF RADHA.  They share their experience and talk about the skills they have gained to use in future careers and employment.


Helping me to be more prepared and confidant..

It has been a very welcoming experience, allowing me to discover first hand more about the fashion industry. I have really enjoyed the range of work that I have been given to do, helping me to be more prepared and feel more confidant for final year as well as improving my creative skills

Katie Bearcroft, Fashion Brand Marketing and Sales,

Nottingham Trent University, Undergraduate student in fashion

Working remotely, as part of a diverse team..

“I thought working remotely would have you oppose more obstacles, but it has actually been a great time thanks to the support from colleagues and Radha.


“The experience has left me feeling more accomplished and enlightened, having worked with many students who share different cultures and experiences, making me more aware of how different and amazing everyone can be.”

Owen Cory, Brand Marketing and Business Management,

Nottingham Trent University, Graduate

It can help you in your future career goals..

Never give up looking for that right opportunity and placement, because it will come, trust me.  When you get that opportunity grab it and get the most out of the experience, because it can help you in your future career goals

Lucia Cuprova, Brand PR and Communications,

Nottingham Trent University, Graduate

Cultures and Values matter..

Working for THE HOUSE OF RADHA was interesting and allowed me to learn a lot about many different complexities of marketing.


“It has been a unique experience as normally a lot of fashion spaces are dominated mostly by British people. It has given me an insight into different cultures and values.”

Mariam Khan, Social Media Marketing,

University of Glasgow, Postgraduate


Higher Education live projects provide the students a real hands-on experience in working with THE HOUSE OF RADHA directly. Students are assessed on the methods used throughout the process to complete the project and provided with feedback. This is an opportunity to gain essential employability skills and experience.

“A simulation for what I can experience in the future”

“This can be a perfect chance to grow your network”

“I got to lead my team and implement a level of leadership skills, communication and other related skills that I acquired during my course”

Shantanu Chintamani Kelkar - Live Project

Nottingham Trent University, Postgraduate international student in Business