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THE HOUSE OF RADHA is globally known for its beautifully handcrafted gowns made from the finest silks & luxury fabrics that capture the vibrant, colourful prints that have been on runways in London, Paris and internationally.  A free spirited brand that embraces Fashion, Art & Music to offer a unique experience to each individual who wants to be part of a creative journey.  The brand specialises in luxury couture, urban wear, menswear & accessories that are all printed and manufactured by our teams in Scotland and Britain.  


The brand supports a strong ethos in sustainability production & making a positive foot print in the world.  ​Established in 2017 by Radha Singh a British Designer & Creative Artist that brought her passion to life by creating a world of traditional storytelling through art and encapsulated in fashion & accessories.  Clients are made to feel strong, empowered and part of a magical experience that only when you wear one of the garments do you appreciate all the love that has gone into each piece. 

“Garments should do more than clothe a body, it must become an experience for the wearer.  Fashion is an art, a platform to express feelings of emotion, joy and sensuality.   The personal narrative of each piece is a combination of strength, empowerment and love”.

Radha Singh, CEO/Creative Director, THE HOUSE OF RADHA

Radha Singh is the founder & CEO of THE HOUSE OF RADHA Ltd a designer & artist with a pure heart, opening her mind & allowing all to indulge within her beautiful passion filled garments. Born in the North East of England & from an Indian Sikh cultural background she has been brought up in a creative family.  Design has been woven in her DNA, from her siblings being computer games designers in industry & her mother & grandmother were both professional seamstresses, it was a natural progression for her to embrace.  Radha first began her career working in business & higher education until she followed her heart & went back to university to study her passion, which was fashion & design. 

After graduating with two fashion design degrees, Radha embarked on creating her own brand that embraced the three elements in her life that have been her passion & helped shape her imagination, Fashion, Art & Music.  THE HOUSE OF RADHA was born & has only blossomed with her work being recognised globally.  Radha created a platform where she could express her individuality & artistic expression that could then be shared by others too.  Specialising in Couture that reflects the traditional style of storytelling through narrative art abstract fabric prints, which has become her signature style.

Music has been a great influence in her life, as she was inspired by her father who sang & wrote it when she was growing up in the north.  The music element combines House & Techno and gives a platform to new and established UK & international DJ/Producers that are supported by the brand through sharing their profiles, music mixes and events. 


Radha has been a voice in supporting equality throughout her life and embraces this through the ethos of her brand.  The message is that we are all equal and should stand together to make a better world for us all and the generations to come, no matter what age, gender, culture or background you are from. In 2019 Radha was recognised for her creativity & supporting other creative artists and was honoured & became a member of the Parliamentary Society of the Arts, Fashion & Sports, Houses of Parliament, London.


'When there is only darkness & you cannot see if it will ever be lifted, keep your heart & mind strong for the glimmer of light and hope to guide you forward'

Radha Singh, CEO/Creative Director, THE HOUSE OF RADHA

Radha has showcased her Couture Collections in London & Paris Fashion Weeks & has been on the runway with her signature designs in Madeira Fashion Weekend, Portugal twice alongside CR7. The designer has been nominated for Britain’s Top Designer award in Fashion’s Finest and her new Urban & Formal Menswear collections were part of London fashion week 2019.  Radha has worked with some of the biggest names in the world to establish the brands reputation & name in industry and last year THE HOUSE OF RADHA created an exclusive collection in collaboration with Cristiano Ronaldo’s CR7 brand & Elma Aveiro the sister of the international footballer.

​The Designers work has been exhibited at Art & Photography exhibitions in the UK & published nationally & internationally through press & media since being established in 2017.  The brand launched its own music event called MANTRA that embraces all of the creative elements together for everyone to enjoy the positive energy through music & dance.


THE HOUSE OF RADHA offers other creative collections to capture the signature prints that includes kids lounge, urban wear ranges that are made for men and women from bomber jackets, t-shirts, hoodies, pullovers sweatshirts, vests and tanks. The Ibiza Beach House is the women’s swimwear collection that includes silk and chiffon sarongs, bikini sets and swimsuits etc.  There is also a unisex urban wear range and we make sure that our collections offer a variety of sizes from standard to plus size.​


The Menswear collection is a beautiful combination of the striking prints in contemporary and classic cut shirts that can make a statement.  All tailored made by our manufacturing teams in London & Scotland and offered in the bespoke service.

The accessories also capture the bold and vibrant signature prints that are embraced in iPhone mobile cases, Macbook, iPad & iPad Mini covers to compliment each individual's style.

warriors soul tailored jacket
bikini cr7.tif
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Handmade Couture

Beautifully hand crafted luxury Couture designed by Radha Singh & produced with specialist teams in Scotland & Britain using the highest quality luxury & innovative fabrics. clients are made to feel strong, empowered & part of a magical experience that only when you wear one of the garments do you appreciate all the love that has gone into each piece. 

The Protector.jpg




THE HOUSE OF RADHA brings together all of the elements of fashion, art & music to launch its own creative music event called ‘MANTRA’. MANTRA is an event that represents the power & positive energy that we all bring to the Dance floor to share & create some amazing memories together.  The event brings the best of the UK/International House & Techno DJ/Producers from the brand.


MANTRA will also be introducing various creative artists to the event from the stunning Amazonian Dancers that compliments the energy of every clubber.  There will also be the MANTRA Creative Artists team that will specialise in festival vibe hair & facial art make-up & an opportunity to buy the Official THE HOUSE OF RADHA urban wear designs at the events.  THE HOUSE OF RADHA will be supporting young learners through educational colleges and universities to work alongside the MANTRA teams, so that they can gain confidence & experience through the live events to support their personal development & future careers.





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