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THE HOUSE OF RADHA wants to welcome everyone to the new blog that embraces creativity on all levels from Fashion, Art, Music and Culture.  We are all part of a unique journey and here is where we can share experiences, challenges and success stories together.  To empower one another and build a strong community, who can support each other along the way.

Post written by Avery Sanchez, Glasgow

Creativity from my perspective is a way in which we can be and showcase the importance of our identity. Inspiration can come from all around us and especially from where you live. I ventured out in the City Centre of Glasgow, a city full of Architecture, Fashion, Art and a vibrant nightlife. Glasgow is never a dull place, there’s always something to do and see, from enjoying and socialising in the bars and restaurants, to site seeing around the city and landmarks.

I came across a mural of the world famous Scottish actor Billy Connolly. He is the symbol of Glasgow to so many and is well known for being a comedian and a Hollywood film Actor.

Charles Rennie Mackintosh is also an icon in Scotland, of the 20th century he is famously known for his artistry in interior/furniture/textile design who also had a professional influence on the development of the Modern movement. Charles worked to create totally integrated art/architecture that we all enjoy and continue to embrace today!

#Glasgow #Artist #Architecture #Fashion #Art #Scotland #Diverse

Music has been so important to us all through these difficult times during Lockdown! Not being able to see our favourite artists at events and festivals, to enjoying the fun moments of going to a club with friends and dancing to an amazing set played by an inspirational DJ.

THE HOUSE OF RADHA is thrilled to share news of the new collaboration between the brand and International Artist Fifi Rong and her live music event brand YI JING!!

#Fashion #Art #Music #Collaboration #Fifirong #thehouseofradha #Yijing

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